University of Tennessee

Canine OA Case Manager


There is more to managing Canine Osteoarthritis than prescribing medications after the dog is disabled. This course will help you and your staff to recognize OA early and to effectively provide pre-emptive care and treatment for dogs in all stages of OA. The course will cover the entire spectrum of OA Case Management from maximizing the effectiveness of business practices, correct utilization of the veterinary technician in case management applications, and exploration and application of the most common treatment modalities using the multimodal approach.

Input from hundreds of graduates and thousands of participants of our Certificate Program in Canine Rehabilitation has led us to the creation of a clinical certificate program to educate all clinic personnel in current best practices and technologies in the management of Canine Osteoarthritis.


Consists of 7 modules (20 hours):

  1. Basic Science of Osteoarthritis
  2. Assessment and Diagnosis of the Arthritic Patient
  3. Medical Management of OA
  4. Nutritional Management of OA
  5. Exercise and Manual Therapy
  6. Physical Modalities
  7. Other Treatments

Build Your Business

Improve the Quality of Life for Your Patients

Earn a Certificate for Your Practice in OA Case Management


After completion of this program, participants will understand the basic pathophysiology of osteoarthritis, common conditions causing osteoarthritis, examination of the arthritic patient, and various treatment options for osteoarthritis and their application to clinical patients.


Participants must have a degree as one of the following;

  • Veterinarian – Proof of degree(s) and/or licens(s) must be provided.
  • Veterinary Technician – Proof of degree(s) and/or license(s) must be provided.
    • If your state does not requirement a degree to be a veterinary technician, a letter from your employer, who must be a D.V.M. or V.M.D. is required. This letter must include:
      • A statement that reflects that you work in the capacity of a veterinary technician
      • A list of your duties as a veterinary technician
  • Student in one of the above professions
    • You must have completed at least one year of your program before taking your first course
    • Successful completion of your degree is required prior to taking the certification exam
    • Proof of enrollment must be made available.


This program offers the following advantages:

  • Emphasis on evidence based medicine and best practices.
  • Access to the latest clinical and laboratory research results presented by an instructor who has performed research directly applicable to OA case management.
  • Demonstration of numerous treatment modalities and evaluation of their effectiveness, based upon research and experience at the world renown University of Tennessee Veterinary Science Department.
  • Commitment to presenting a comprehensive curriculum to provide information, training, and support to the Veterinarian and the Vet Tech. This program provides a solid foundation upon which to build an OA treatment practice.
  • Upon completion of this course your clinic will receive a certificate indicating your clinic’s achievement in the University of Tennessee Osteoarthritis Case Management Program.


$499.00 / Single License
$999.00 / 5-License Clinical Package