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The University of Tennessee Canine Rehabilitation Certificate Program (CCRP) is the world’s first and best university-based credential program for caring professionals including a blended system of online courses and live labs.  The combination of the Academic CCRP Program with the academic approach of the Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning ensures the highest standards of teaching and support, as well as lifelong learning to CCRP graduates around the world. This addition of the academic program also provides tools and opportunities for consultation and collaboration with experts, instructors and experienced, credentialed CCRP graduates.

This exclusive program for canine and feline physical medicine  is open only to Veterinarians, Licensed Veterinary Technicians, and Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapists or active students in one of these accepted professions

The curriculum, discipline, testing and review requirements for this credential program were developed under strict guidelines of evidence-based results, clinical experience and faculty board review. The course is taught by an internationally recognized faculty, including clinicians, university instructors, researchers, and other experts in the treatments and modalities explored in the CCRP program.

Graduates of the Academic CCRP Program appreciate the admission standards and academic standards that continue to ensure that the CCRP credential is recognized and respected around the world. 


The Academic CCRP Program is the premier approach to lifelong learning for those who have dedicated themselves to bettering the lives of animals.

When you enroll you will benefit from The University of Tennessee’s and The Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning’s commitment to excellence. We will support your optimal learning experience and implementation of highest standard of care in your rehabilitation practice.. Your interest and commitment to becoming a specialist in this field will be enhanced as you enjoy the in-depth, intensive training through in-person clinical sessions and online, on-demand didactic sessions.

What to expect?

  • Earn the CCRP credential after successfully finishing the following parts:
    • Canine I –Online (12 hours)
    • Canine II – Online (23 hours)
    • Canine III & IV – Lab Series & Case Discussion (40 hours)
    • Canine V – Canine Osteoarthritis – Online (20 hours)
    • Canine VI – Clinical Practicum (additional fees may apply in some rare instances) and Case Evaluations (40 hours one-on-one training + 5 case evaluations)
    • Canine VII – Written and practical/oral exam (4 hours)
  • Access to live webinars free of charge
  • Access to our global network
    • Industry
      • Special VIP service and packages
      • Special CCRP discounts – on average 10% of the sales price up to 12.500 € ($12,500 USD) for one specific modality
    • Lifelong member of the global CCRP Family:
      Faculty and global specialists
      • Access to additional training
      • Access to a referral service
      • Access to job offers/free platform to offer jobs
  • Academic Coaching on demand (up to 3 sessions per year free of charge for 2 years)
    • Career coaching
    • Marketing coaching
    • Case coaching
  • Promotion of your service or practice on our website
  • Access to the closed Facebook group for student or credentialed CCRPs only, for internal case discussions and coaching on demand
  • As a credentialed CCRP you will automatically be eligible to become a VAHL Ambassador (benefit from sharing your experience)

*Proof of degrees and or licenses must be provided for program application.

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Continuing Education Credits

Course meets the requirements for 88 RACE hours of continuing education credit for veterinary technicians and veterinarians in jurisdictions which recognize AAVSB’s RACE approval. However, participants should be aware that some boards have limitations on the number of hours accepted in certain categories and/or restrictions on certain methods of delivery.

RACE Subject Category: Medical; Delivery Method: Non-interactive Distance; Program Number 1125316.

Never believe that animals suffer less than humans. Pain is the same for them that it is for us. Even worse, because they cannot help themselves.
~ Louis J. Camuti

Why the University of Tennessee CCRP program?

Our program offers the following advantages:

  • Participants benefit by receiving both didactic and hands-on instruction from a diverse, international team of physical therapists, board-certified veterinarians, clinicians, and therapy experts
  • Our instructors are engaged in continuing research and are responsible for the publication of a majority of the available literature on canine and feline physical Rehabilitation.
  • Graduates benefit from the program’s emphasis on evidence and results-based therapies and modalities
  • The University of Tennessee Certificate Program in Canine Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is the only program in veterinary rehabilitation to win the distinguished Outstanding Non-Credit Program Award by the Association for Continuing Higher Education.
  • Access to and discussion of the latest clinical and laboratory research results presented by faculty who actually performed the research directly applicable to case management, often prior to publication.
  • Upon successful completion of the program and examination, participants will be authorized to be identified with the CCRP credential.


  • The “team approach” to canine rehabilitation
  • Which conditions are appropriate for physical therapy
  • To design and implement a comprehensive rehabilitation program for commonly occurring musculoskeletal, integumentary and neurologic conditions
  • How to document the rehabilitation programs using standardized forms


  • The regulatory issues surrounding the practice of animal rehabilitation
  • Therapeutic modalities and mechanisms of action
  • Cause and medical or surgical therapy for tendons and ligaments
  • Response to injury and healing of tendons and ligaments
  • Correlate the rehabilitation program with the physiologic processes that the patient is undergoing during its rehabilitation.

Be Proficient In:

  • Recognizing canine lameness and basic gait analysis
  • Canine neurologic examination
  • Understanding reasonable time frames for treatment, when to begin, and frequency
  • Methods of referral and communication between the referring


To elevate and promote the standard of canine physical medicine and rehabilitative veterinary care.

This will be achieved by:

  • Immersing course participants in the concepts, goals, and application of canine and feline physical medicine and rehabilitative therapeutics.
  • Promoting and supporting ongoing research to evaluate the efficacy of treatments and modalities. Equipping CCRP graduates with the tools and skills to make a difference in the lives of their patients and in the field of veterinary medicine.
  • Providing continuing education and support to CCRP graduates to enable them to ride the leading edge in applicable research, skills and therapies

Program Outline

  • Canine I – Online Lecture (12 contact hours)
  • Canine II – Online Lecture (23 contact hours)
  • Canine III – Live Lab & Case Discussion (40 hours)
    • 30 contact hours + 10 hours of non-interactive preparation time
  • Canine V – Elective (20 contact hours)
  • Canine VI – Clinical Practicum – Externship & 5 Case Studies (40 hours one-on-one training and 5 own case documentations)
    • Externship: 40 hours of observation and practice
    • 5 Case Reports (approximately 200 hours)
  • Canine VII – Preparation, Written, and Practical/Oral Exam (4 hours)

Prerequisites / Eligibility

The CCRP program is open to the following:

  • Veterinarians 
  • Licensed Veterinary Technicians or veterinary nurses
  • Licensed Physical Therapists 
  • Physical Therapist Assistants 
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Students in one of the accepted professions*

Proof of degree(s) and/or license(s) must be provided for every profession.

The following are not eligible unless one of the required occupations above is also met: dog trainers, animal physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, body workers, osteopaths, etc.

*Proof of acceptance and documentation showing current enrollment in a qualified program must be provided with your initial registration.  You will be asked to provide continued proof of active enrollment.  You must complete one academic year of your professional program prior to enrolling in this program.  Successful completion of your degree is required prior to taking the certificate exam.

You will be required to complete a Program Application during checkout. If you purchase the course and you do not meet the enrollment criteria, you will receive a refund of your tuition less a 250 € handling fee.

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The Academic CCRP Program is a sequence of postgraduate courses for veterinarians, physical therapists, and veterinary technicians, followed by a supervised clinical experience and a cumulative examination. The courses are designed to guide the practitioner through the theoretical foundations to the clinical applications of canine rehabilitation.

After successful completion of all canine rehabilitation online, e-learning and practical courses and the examination the participations receive the title “Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner”.

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