Over the years since the CCRP and CERP programs were created, there has been a  growing global interest in the standard of care for Canine and Equine rehabilitation. In order to unite veterinary professionals around the world, and ensure graduates receive the international recognition they deserve, the University of Tennessee has engaged the Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL) to replace the previous program administrator. VAHL’s programs are highly rated by course participants from more than 30 countries. 
Those who choose to continue in the CCRP or CERP programs will enjoy updated content, easier access to online materials, and options to participate in lab sessions in many new locales. 
VAHL also has an aggressive plan for updating the online content of the course. When you transfer your credits to the VAHL-administered program, you will be able to participate in the updated online lectures as they are made available for the next 2 years. 
You will receive full credit for any coursework you have completed to date. In addition, you can complete your coursework under our improved systems. Click on this link and follow the instructions there.
If there are portions of the program that you have paid for but not completed, please contact us at office@utvetrehab.com or call 1-801-337-7887 and we will help you! 
Previously awarded certificates will be managed by previous providers. VAHL will manage new program certificates moving forward.
Yes! Contact us at office@utvetrehab.com for our payment plan options.

CCRP Program

Dr. Darryl Millis continues as the course director and primary instructor for the CCRP program. 

Dr. David Levine and Dr. Marti Drum remain as chief instructors, 

in accord with our objective to unite the veterinary world under the CCRP standard of care, we proudly announce many new globally accredited specialists:

PD Dr. Barbara Bockstahler – former President of ECVSMR, DACVSMR, DECVSMR, CCRP, Head of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Vienna, Austria

Prof. Angela Martins, University of Lisboa, Portugal, Head of 2 Neuro-rehab clinics

Dr. Ionut Ciuperca, Neuro-rehab specialist in private practice, CCRP, Romania

Dr. Napaporn, CCRP Head of the Rehab Department of the Kasetsart University, Bangkok, 

Theresa Frias, CCRP, University of Onderstepoort/ZA, 

Prof. Zoran Vrbanac, CCRP DACVSMR, DECVSMR University of Zagreb, Croatia, 

Dr. Jana Gams, CCRP, specialized in rehab of athletes, Slovenia,

Prof. Susanne Lauer, CCRP, DACVSMR, DACVS, DECVSMR, DECVS, LMU Munich, Germany, and many others.

Dr. Renata Diniz, DVM, MSc, CCRP, Spain

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CERP Program

Dr. Steve Adair continues as the course director and primary instructor for the CCRP program. 

Dr. Paulo Marques, DVM is also a primary instructor.

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CCFT Program

Dawn Hickey Rector continues as the course director and primary instructor for the CCRP program. 

Oliver Harms, DVM, PhD, DECVSMR, DACVSMR, CCFT, TiHo Hanover (University of Hanover)

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