University of Tennessee and VAHL

Holiday Celebration!

Win a CCRP or CERP Scholarship!

If you can score 90% on this test you will be entered to win!


Every day from December 1st to December 10th, 2022 a new question will be posted here for your review. You will be able to complete the entire test between December 11th and Dec 15th.

Completing the test with a score of 90% (9/10) qualifies you for the drawing.

1st Prize

Full scholarship to University of Tennessee CERP or CCRP credential program. This is a $7,995.00 value!

2nd Prize

$4,000 scholarship towards full CERP or CCRP credential program

3rd Prize

$2,000 scholarship towards full CERP or CCRP credential program

All participants scoring 90% or higher on the test will receive a $500 scholarship towards the full CCRP or CERP credential programs.

Winners will be notified via email. Participation in the CCRP program or CERP program must begin before 12/31/2023.


Who is eligible?  (Proof of eligibility required to enroll)

Conditions of Participation

To participate, at least 9 of the 10 questions must be answered correctly, and a drawing will be held on Dec 16th to select the first second and third place prizes.
The first three scholarships will be notified directly and the names of the winners wil be published on the UTvetrehab website. .

The prizes awarded have no cash value and are available only as discounts off the CERP or CCRP programs.

December 1st - 10th

New Question Posted Each Day

December 11th - 15th

Take the 10 Question Test and Score 90% to be Entered to Win

December 16th

Drawing Held and Winners Notified