Intended Audience:  We have students from a variety of backgrounds in canine fitness, exercise, dog training and other related fields that enroll in our program.  Student backgrounds include (but not limited to):

Certified Dog Trainers
Agility professionals and trainers
Dock Diving Professionals
Canine Exercise and Fitness Trainers
Field Trial Professionals
Military and Police Background
Search and Rescue Professionals
Veterinarians / Veterinary Technicians
Canine Physiotherapy Professionals

Dog Handling Experience:

  • Minimum 3 years of dog handling experience must be provided (i.e. business license, trainer certifications, performance sport credentials, contracted work, etc.).
  • Other proofs may be considered, but are not guaranteed to meet this requirement.

A student must complete the following requirements to complete the CCFT program

  1. Successful completion of the CCFT I online lecture coursework
  2. Successful completion of the CCFT II Hands-on Lab course
  3. Completion of the required case studies and approval by the faculty
  4. Students must pass the final exam

No prerequisite courses are required if you are admitted to the program

A student is granted access for three years to the online coursework from the day of enrollment. 

This course is focused on canine fitness, exercise, conditioning, and behavior. We do NOT teach or cover any topics related to canine physical rehabilitation. We will have discussions on when to stop a conditioning program and refer a dog to a veterinarian.

The Certified Canine Rehabilitation Program (CCRP) is open for admission only to Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, Physical Therapists, and Physical Therapy Assistants. Current students of these disciplines may also be eligible for the CCFT program.